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Commercial Security Gates

Serving and homeowners and business owners throughout Santa Fe and the surrounding area, M & M Garage Doors and Gates offers the complete Commercial Security Gate answer that guards your important assets, including personal property, regulates access into and out of your property and adds a positive look to your house or commercial building.


  • Slide gates
  • Swing gates
  • Vertical Lift Gates
  • Anti-ram Crash Gates
  • Barrier Arms
  • Grills


  • Sales, Design and Fabrication
  • New Equipment Installations
  • Same Day Emergency Repairs
  • Gate/Grill Operators and Repairs
  • Access control install and repair
  • Repair/replace asset management


M & M Garage Doors and Gates provides the services you need to keep your slide gates, swing gates, and grills up and running, operating safely, increasing your security and productivity

We work on all brands and have the parts you needed for a speedy repair.

To schedule a repair or request a no-obligation phone consultation, call 505-473-4180 today, or if you prefer email, please fill out our contact form

Slide Gates and Swing Gates

The mandatory requirement for slide gates and swing gates be extremely safe and easy to use, means the both the gate equipment used and installation must be extremely high quality. M & M Garage Doors and Gates are very good at building, installing and maintaining super high quality gates. We only sell the very best gate equipment available in the market place today. We provide slide gates and swing gates for both manned and automatic access for both home, commercial and secure facilities. There is not one Santa Fe, NM, gate company that has more experience servicing, repairing or installing gates than us. We are available to service all your gate needs when you need us. We are not paid on commission so you can be sure that our commitment is your total satisfaction ever time.

Vertical Lift Gates

Vertical Lift Gates are the ideal answer for locations or specific areas requiring a secure entrance, but a slide gate or swing gate will not work because the entrance area is too small. There are vertical lift gates operated using manual systems, hydraulic systems and counter-weight systems available. M & M Garage Doors and Gates is the most dependable trusted company offering vertical gate solutions in Santa Fe, NM. When your place needs a vertical gate, give us a call at 505-473-4180 so we can help you find the solution that fits your specific gate needs.

Anti-Ram Crash Gate

Anti-Ram Crash Gates are required when it is critical the entrance to a building, area, property or home necessitates a very secure and safe solution. M & M Garage Doors and Gates it the go-to company businesses turn in Santa Fe, NM when an Anti-Ram Crash Gate is needed. Give us a call at 505-473-4180 for a quote today!


It is critical when a property or parking lot entrance uses a barrier-arm to control access in and out that the unit works each time it is used. For owner’s that means it is important to choose high quality barrier-arm equipment and for it to be installed correctly. In both cases in Santa Fe, NM, when it comes to buying barrier-arm and getting it installed the right way, the company to call is M & M Garage Doors and Gates. Call us today at 505-473-4180 for a free quote for your property’s barrier-arm purchase and installation.

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